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Scanner-aided shipment of documents

The add-on List Tracking is used to increase the data security when sending documents, to establish uniform processes and to provide users with the required information visually and acoustically.

  • Client and address data management
  • Use of WLAN or RF handheld scanners
  • audible and visible messages on the scanner
  • Processing and progress indicators
  • shipping tray and case management

Sending documents is often a critical step in the process chain for many companies. According to the data protection, as well as the internal company requirements, mis-sending and duplicating of documents must be excluded as far as possible.

The add-on List Tracking decisively optimizes the processing security during shipping and clearly displays the work processes, the shipping orders to be processed and their progress. A check between the package and the assigned recipient is supported and, if applicable, checked and logged several times. For example, depending on the work process, it would be conceivable to check for matches during processing, during sorting, during retrieval from the box and during the filling of the shipping container.

Through the installation and affixing of barcodes for clients, cases and institutes in the dispatch area, the complete and correct assignment of the packages with the help of RF-based or WLAN scanners can be supported and ensured in a user-friendly way.

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